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This store only accepts Bitcoin payments over the Lightning network. To make a payment on Lightning you’ll need a Lightning enabled Bitcoin wallet with an open and funded channel. If you don’t have such a wallet you can learn more about the different kinds of wallets here. If you already have a wallet you can open a channel with the store by scanning the QR code with your mobile wallet or follow this link to find the details of my node on My node is well connected so if you already have channels it’s probably not necessary to open a direct channel to the store.

I use BTCPay Server to facilitate the payments, this allows me to automatically process payments in my store without the need of a third party.


The Lightning network is still in it’s infancy and not very user friendly to a non-technical person. If you would like to try the Lightning Network and not run a routing node there are custodial wallets you could use to get the hang of it. That being said you should learn how to setup a routing node, it’s fun and you can make some Satoshis along the way.


Lightning Network is based on a technology called payment channels. Two peers in the network can open a payment channel with each other by making an on chain transaction. All these channels create a web in which the peers in the network can transact threw one and other without needing to trust any of the participants. This way the network can handle thousands of transactions per second near instantly and for very low fees.

"nTimeLock does the reverse. It’s an open transaction that can be replaced with new versions until the deadline. It can’t be recorded until it locks. The highest version when the deadline hits gets recorded. It could be used, for example, to write an escrow transaction that will automatically permanently lock and go through unless it is revoked before the deadline. The feature isn’t enabled or used yet, but the support is there so it could be implemented later."
Satoshi Nakamoto
Creator of Bitcoin, 2010


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