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Welcome to my Lightning powered shop

Toxic maximalist

Hi there, thanks for visiting BitStock! I build this site primarily for me as a way to store my photo’s in a database and easily access them. This is in no way a business. That being said you can buy all photo’s on the site with bitcoin via Lightning network. I have a Lightning node as a hobby which I want to grow in capacity, so feel free to open a channel with the shop if your node is reliable I just might return the favor.

I keep adding photo’s to the database regularly so come back every once in a while for an update.

The shop is running on WordPress and WooCommerce. I setup a BTCPay server to facilitate the payments.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Lightning powered shop

  1. Please display the price in Satoshi instead of Bitcoin. Thats the default unit for Lightning!
    Bitcoin has far to many decimals which is hard to read for normal people.

    1. I would if I could. Thanks for the feedback.

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